About IoT Defense

IoT Defense Inc., a startup company based in the Northern VA, USA. The IoT Defense team has multiple decades of cyber-security experience. Having focused on all forms of defensive and offensive security for enterprise and government, the team has come together to apply their collective insights to protect the consumer. The teams mission is to build solutions, both hardware and software, to protect the consumer Internet of Things (IoT). RATtrap is the first step towards realizing this goal.

Secure your home network from hackers and malware.

by IoT Defense

Protects ALL smart devices.

Including your home router.

Unlike your Anti-Virus software that just protects the devices where it is installed, RATtrap secures all the devices, both wired and wireless, on your home network. RATtrap updates itself automatically as new threats emerge ensuring that the home user is always protected against the latest threats.

Real-time notifications

On your smart phone and web browser.

Receive information about blocked attacks in real time as well as statistics and health of your network and smart devices.

Backed by world-class research

Into attacker tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

The IoT Defense team has a strong passion for security and has been involved in information security since its infancy. Sustained cutting edge research into the latest threats to provide you with the best protection for all your connected devices.

Founding team

Security industry veterans.


T.Roy is a veteran of the cyber-security industry where he has worked on commercial security products like host intrusion prevention, network firewalls, behavioral anti-malware detection, document security and data leak prevention systems as well as on the offensive side of security for the government and defense industry. He is the founder of CodeMachine, a services company that provides security research, development and training to companies around the world. At IoT Defense, T.Roy focuses on product direction, sales, marketing and business development. T.Roy is also an adjunct professor at George Mason University where he teaches graduate courses in Computer Forensics.

S. Alan Carroll

Alan has spent his entire 18+ year career in the information security industry. He has led global engineering teams in mobile identity based security, architected unique cyber intelligence capabilities, and was lucky enough to have worked with some of the greatest pioneers in the industry in X-Force at Internet Security Systems (acq. by IBM) on network-based intrusion prevention and detection systems. More recently, Alan has managed multi-million dollar programs and teams in the R&D of mission-critical high-caliber specialized products for the U.S. Government. Alan lives in Northern Virginia with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids, and in his spare time coaches little league.

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